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Eleuthera: A Gem in the Bahamas!

Eleuthera, in the Bahamas, is the place to visit for solace amid a backdrop of beautiful beaches, endless ocean breezes, and acre upon acre of pineapple fields. The most populated of the Bahamian Out Islands, Eleuthera has 10,000 citizens spread out over an area roughly 100 miles long and just two miles wide. The island’s name is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “freedom.” A visit to this pristine location will make you understand why. A vacation in Eleuthera is a chance to free yourself of the daily grind and let the Atlantic take your stress away with the outgoing tide. A day’s itinerary can include activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, parasailing, sailing, or lounging on one of the many beaches.

The crystal clear water around the Bahama Islands have earned them the reputation as one of the top scuba diving sites in the world. Reef dives, wall dives, shipwrecks, and cave dives are available for all skill levels. The water is so clear that, even at depth, it appears shallow. One of the most famous dives off of Eleuthera is the Train Wreck. Resting in 15 feet of water are the remains of several railroad cars that went down in 1865. The cars were used by the Confederacy during the Civil War. They were loaded on barges and taken to the mainland. Probably the most popular dive on Eleuthera is the Current Cut dive. This passage between Eleuthera Sound and the open sea separates Eleuthera from Current Island. The “cut” is a channel between two reef walls about 75 yards apart. Divers are dropped off at one end of the cut and picked up at the other end. The direction depends on the current, which pulls divers through the channel in about 12 minutes.

Anglers will appreciate the diversity of the fishing opportunities on Eleuthera. From bottom-fishing for grouper to fly-fishing for bonefish to trolling for blue marlin, the waters around Eleuthera offer every kind of saltwater fishing opportunity for the novice and pro alike. Charters can be rented at one of the marinas on Harbour Island, located off the northeast portion of Eleuthera.

The beaches on Eleuthera can range form super crowded to super remote, depending on the visitor’s mood. The famous pink sand gently slopes into sparkling waters colored a magnificent iridescent turquoise blue. Picking a favorite beach will depend on how close, or how far away you want to be from other beach goers. For some active beach time, head to Surfers Beach. The area is renowned for its winter waves that rival those of Hawaii. Probably the most famous beach is Pink Sand Beach, located on Harbour Island and close to the serene village of Dunmore Town. The 3 mile beach extends the length of the island facing the Atlantic Ocean. The views are outrageous, as there are no high rise developments impeding your sight. The beach is also a great spot to don your snorkeling gear and visit the local sea life. Some more great snorkeling can be had at Seaside Beach, located in Rainbow Bay near Governor’s Harbour. Beware when the waves get big as the current gets a bit heavy. Governor’s Beach, was once the sight of frenetic beach activity back when Club Med had a resort on Eleuthera. Today, the resort is long gone, and the beach has become known as a place for total relaxation. This is the place to be if you want to relax in the sun and ponder the ocean’s mysteries.

If you want a break from the sunshine, set your compass for one of the straw markets that are on the island. Today’s Bahamians continue the tradition of the early Lucayan and Taino Indians by producing distinctive arts and crafts that reflect the skill and artistry of their heritage. Bahamians utilize local resources to create unique foods, spices, ceramics, crafts, art and music. Bargains on duty-free items can be found on Harbour Island and near the neighboring island of Spanish Wells.

A vacation on Eleuthera is the perfect chance to get away and recharge your engine. This is the relaxed Bahama Island. This is where beaches are more sought after than casinos. This is where fly fishing for bonefish is a valuable skill. This is where the sunshine is omnipresent, and clear waters are effervescent. Are you ready for a trip to paradise?